Damian KoniuszyComes from Trzcianka in Poland, member of the winning team (Europe Winner of the AdWords Business Award) in the international competition Google Online Marketing Challenge 2017, wherein he participated within the online marketing classes conducted by dr. Wojciech Czart on the Faculty of Physics of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland) for the Internet of Things Applications course of study carried out jointly by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and Poznan University of Economics and Business.

During the competition, he was mainly responsible for web analytics, including configuration and implementation the Google Analytics platform and its integration with other tools like Google AdWords and Google Search Console. He was also responsible for preparing the remarketing lists and their use in campaigns.

He graduated Computers Technologies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan with an Engineer Degree. His Engineering’s Thesis was written under dr Wojciech Czart supervision and was based on his experience gained during the past GOMC 2016, and concerned the strategies of defining remarketing audiences on Google Analytics platform. Currently, he studies Internet of Things Applications ran jointly by the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and the Poznan University of Economics and Business. His Master’s Thesis is also written under the supervision of dr. Wojciech Czart and concerns the use of web analytics and Google Analytics platform in devices connected to the Internet and being a part of Internet of Things.


Damian is interested in everything connected to the Computer Science, but his main interests concern  programming with programming languages like C/C++ and Java. His programming skills are successfully used in an online marketing for instance to an implementation of tracking codes. Besides programming and online marketing he has recently became interested in the Internet of Things. In addition to the Computer Science, he likes to practice a variety of sports including martial arts, which he is a big fan of.

He is also interested in a history especially the Ancient and Middle Ages periods, which he connects with travelling to many historical places.