European Winners of the Google Online Marketing Challenge 2017, in the main AdWords Business Awards category: Michał Paszyn (Captain), Marek Buliński (Vice), Damian Koniuszy, Kamila Malanowicz, Kamil Poturalski, Aneta Disterheft; the team superviser: dr. Wojciech Czart.

European Winners of the Google Online Marketing Challenge 2017
(on the photo from the left:  Damian, Aneta, Kamila, Michał, Marek, Kamil)

The team took part in the GOMC 2017 as part of the Internet marketing course conducted by dr. Wojciech Czart for the Internet Applications of Things organized jointly by Adam Mickiewicz University and Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poland. Students planned and conducted a three-week online campaign for SOLVE Electronics Online Store ( ).

SOLVE Electronics, based in Tychy (Poland), is a distributor of electronic equipment, mainly car cameras, sports and bicycle lighting. The company has been on the market for more than 20 years. Although the company has enjoyed a lot of customer satisfaction and loyalty, it has not fulfilled its potential. For that reason decision to participate in GOMC 2017.

As SOLVE Electronics is a socially responsible company, the goal of the AdWords campaign, in addition to enhancing brand awareness and increasing sales, was to spread the word about ecology. By leveraging the potential of content marketing, we have built a mobile application that allows to gain knowledge of e-waste and smog, and we have created a blog that promotes pro-ecological attitudes.

The campaign lasted 21 days (22-28.04, 03-16.05), during which a total of $ 249.28 was spent and  12 campaigns were created. They have generated average CTR of 2.37%, average CPC of $0.15, 1700 clicks, and 71621 impressions. Our mobile app – “Eko-Polak” – also enjoyed great interest.



The team has adopted a holistic approach, using a variety forms of communication (video, image, text, email, app), and tools offered by Google, which allowed it to reach a wide audience in no time.

All team members have earned the “Google Partner” status by passing the certification exams. Our team was composed of people with diverse experience and interests in new technologies and internet marketing. Taking that into consideration, we assigned tasks according to competence. In addition, due to the numerous other commitments, Google tools such as Google Hangouts, Google Docs, etc., helped  us to collaborate.

The competition required a lot of time and energy. However, the work invested has resulted in a real revolution in our lives – both private and professional.