Dawid ŚliwińskiDawid Śliwiński was in final Europe TOP5 in Google Online Marketing Challenge 2017 as part of the Internet marketing course for  Computer Technologies given by dr. Wojciech Czart at the Faculty of Physics, UAM Poznań, Poland. He led the team, and also specialized in Analytics using the GA and GTM and Remarketing.
He writes his engineering thesis under the supervision of dr. Wojciech Czart. Engineering work is based on the experience gained during the GOMC competition.
He develops websites and analyzes them using GTM and GA,  manages Adwords campaigns, optimises websites, and designs graphic creatives.
To build websites he uses CMS WordPress. The websites created in this environment are fully responsive and built with Google’s best practices, resulting in high organic results.
To create an Adwords campaign uses Google tools such as Google Adwords Editor, Google Adwords Keyword Planner.
Websites are optimized according to SEO.

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